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Sharmaine Skin Care and Beauty supplies a comprehensive range of skin care, anti-ageing and beauty products. These are just some of the skin care products we stock  to see the full range visit our salon in Liverpool Street Port Lincoln.

Dr Spiller Biomimetic

Exclusive at Leading Salons and Skin Clinics

Your skin is a wonderfull, perfectly organised system that is constantly striving for balance. Inapropriate care will lead to common problems such as excess oiliness, congestion, impurities, sensitivity, redness and premature ageing.

50 years of careful study of the skin's biology combined with a breakthrough in formulation technology "the result is Dr Spiller Biomimetic"

Fresh Philosophy

Harsh acids strip the skin. Powerfull emulsifiers disturb the balance, preservatives interfere with the skin's micro flora.
Dr Spiller's Hydratain emulsions are gentle on the skin, giving it the elements it needs rather than breaking it down.
A gentle solution for better skin.

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rinazell active cream


(regenative against pigmentation, supports healing)


This rich repair cream comes to the rescue folowing damage to the skin from various causes, e.g. excessive sun exposure, IPL treatments or other heat-induced insult, chemical peels and the like.

Lactic peptides are known to have an affinity for the skin and have been found to assist the skin's natural healing process. skin care professionals often refer to Rinazell Cream as their "First aid Cream".

Your Personal Skin Care Presciption

Heritagehealers Holistic Skin Care

heritage healers holistic skin careLive a Beautiful Life  with the holistic skincare products from  heritagehealers

 When traditional, quality skincare practise and cosmetics couldn't relieve her stress-related acne, Heritage Healers' Founder - Leanne Lovatt - began searching for other treatments.

Wildflower essences replaced her prescribed daily-use antibiotics and she soon started feeling and looking well. As a beauty salon owner, she shared her discovery with clients. The amazing results were repeated over and again.

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Mineral Makeup Australia - LaGlam Minerals

LaGlam minerals and cosmeticsMineral cosmetics, minute cosmetics, miracle cosmetics, whatever you want to call it, we call it LaGlam. Cosmetics that not only look fabulous but are 100% natural minerals and quick and easy to use! Look and feel glamorous… naturally! This is the philosophy behind Australian made and owned mineral cosmetic brand LaGlam Minerals..

100% mineral! LaGlam does not contain irritants, talc, or paraben preservatives. LaGlam also boasts a high protection sunscreen of SPF15+ within our mineral foundation powders. You can feel how great the LaGlam product range is as soon as you put it on!.

LaGlam is beautiful, long lasting cosmetics that offer a flawless finish that does not sacrifice the health of your skin. Suitable for all ages, it’s like wearing no makeup at all whilst still achieving complete coverage.

None of the LaGlam product range is ever tested on animals.

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